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Jerrice Baptiste is a Poet, intuitive & integrative healer, and facilitator of meditation & visualization, prayer, poetry, and music for healing. Jerrice embraces the belief that connecting to Spirit is the way to living a beautiful, powerful, peaceful, joyful life.


Jerrice's Spiritual Journey

My view of the world and spirituality is very simple. We are All One.

I only believe, feel and practice from the place of Oneness.

My great-grandfather was a Baptist minister and had his own church, and so my grandmother Luce and her children, all of my aunts and uncles, including my mother Paulette had attended service at his church when they were growing up in a small farming village in La Gonave, Haiti. My grandmother Luce was a Baptist all of her life, so I was exposed and enriched by her deep faith. My mother had become a Catholic after I was born, and so I had attended private Catholic school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, until the age of thirteen. My Godmother Rosette who I love dearly, was a Catholic woman who ministered all over Port-au-Prince. Since she didn't have any children of her own, she saw me as her own daughter and treated me that way. So I traveled all over Port-au-Prince with her since the young age of six, praying with others. She taught me about prayer & faith, and most importantly she taught me about love and compassion for others. I was always surrounded by healers, and I grew up in a circle of women who prayed lovingly for others with presence and a heart of compassion.

In the circle of light,
Nothing can penetrate but love.
Nothing can escape but love.

-jerrice baptiste

As an adult, my husband and I have attended service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Kingston, NY. We were married by Rev. Linda Anderson who is a Unitarian.


I've had the opportunity to work with many people from all faiths, traditions, backgrounds, and religions, through my spiritual practice of Authentic Poetry & Healing. I find myself to be very comfortable anywhere that I am, whether it is in a Buddhist temple, a Catholic church, a Synagogue, a Baptist church, or a Unitarian Congregation. I just see myself as Love, and hope to communicate that to others by being fully present with them and for them. The only time I feel like I've missed out on life, are only the moments when I'm not present enough to fully notice somebody's beauty & validate them in their being. So my own personal spiritual practice is really simply about being present enough to notice Life, to notice others in their magnificence, and their brilliance.

...Display a heart of boundless love for all the world
In all its height and depth and broad extent
Love unrestrained...

-The Buddha

I try to bring and draw the best from the world's religions, faiths & practices to help people connect with Spirit. I have a deep respect for all of the world's religions, faiths & practices, and have valued all of the good things that they offer for enriching the Spirit. My spiritual strength is not based on one particular religion or faith, but on the combined beauty & richness of them all. I choose to think of myself Just as Love. I hope to be the embodiment of Love and shine that into the world through my spiritual work. I've been helping others to find their own voice, step into their own power, and nurture from a heart full of love & compassion through my spiritual practice Authentic Poetry & Healing. This unique work is an extension of how I live my life.

...I pray that you being rooted and established in Love
May have power together with all the saints,
to grasp how wide, and long, and high, and deep is the Love
of God. And to know this Love that surpasses knowledge...

-Ephesians 3:17-19

I have facilitated Authentic Poetry & Healing experiences for others over the past nine years to help them to be present in their own life, express, discover and cherish who they are with a heart full of Love & compassion. It all happens from developing a deeper connection with Spirit. My hope is to always facilitate that deeper connection for you, no matter what your journey has been.

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Jerrice's Bio

Jerrice Baptiste is a Poet, Educator, Founder & Facilitator of Authentic Poetry & Healing. Jerrice has facilitated Authentic Poetry & Healing workshops in New York for several of the library & school programs, healing centers and for many other venues such as the Oncology Support Program at Benedictine Hospital; Never Alone; Rosendale Youth Program, and several others. Through her individual sessions, Jerrice has been able to support individuals of all ages, and from all faiths, religions, traditions and cultures in her practice of Authentic Poetry & Healing. She has great understanding and respect for the world's religions, faiths & practices, and has learned about them with greater depth through independent studying from spiritual books, attending diverse workshops, seminars, and practices on spirituality & healing over the last ten years.


Jerrice received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and a Masters Degree in Education from Hunter College in New York, NY. She has been studying Poetry Therapy at the Creative Righting Center in New York, NY—Institute for the Arts in Psychotherapy with Sherry Reiter, who was president and is a member of the National Association for Poetry Therapy (NAPT). Jerrice learned extensively how to facilitate and support others in processing & learning from their meaningful life experiences through poetry, and how to better assist others in using poetry and words for healing, for moving forward in their spiritual journey, and connecting with Spirit. For the last ten years, she has studied the practice of meditation and visualization and how to facilitate those modalities for others, and has offered them as part of her spiritual healing work. Jerrice has created the unique practice of using soothing hands-on healing in combination with recitation of beautiful healing poetry & using healing music from around the world together, to spiritually enrich the mind, body, spirit & Soul.


Jerrice has written poetry since childhood. Her poetry in Haitian Creole & collaborative songwriting with Dean Jones of Dog on Fleas is featured on the music compilation CD, Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti, released by Spare the Rock Records LLC. Jerrice has won first prize poetry competitions for Nubian Poets, and has been extensively published in online journals such as Events Quarterly, and in African Voices Magazine, Chronogram, Hudson Valley Riverine Anthology, Human Journey Magazine, Anthology So Spoke The Earth, from Women Writers of Haitian Descent (WWOHD) and various others. Jerrice has been the featured Poet at the Women & Identity Festival, The Muddy Cup, Amble Dance Movement Art Center, and has been the guest Haitian Artist & Poet at the Northeast Center for Special Care and Haldane High School Language Immersion Program for several years. Jerrice had organized & hosted poetry readings in NY, in venues such as Inspired Books & Gifts for two years.


Her poetry in English and in French have been selected and used for numerous educational purposes such as reading assessments by the Northwest Educational Service District 189 in Washington D.C. and others. Jerrice is the recipient of a scholarship from Twin Compass Partnership's Wet Mountain Valley Workshops in Westcliffe, Colorado for 2012 for a children's book she has written.


Jerrice has been the producer and host of Women of Note for five years. Women of Note is a diverse radio show featuring the music of female artists & the writing of female poets from all over the world; it airs on WKZE, 98.1 FM in Red Hook, NY.
She has volunteered with and has been a great supporter of the Haitian People's Support Project in Woodstock, NY for many years. Jerrice resides in New York's Hudson Valley.

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